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   I'm Penny.            

If you’re having trouble finding a writer who...

  • Drives traffic to your site and increases sales

  • Offers one-stop shopping by creating all the collateral materials you need for your campaign

  • Is dependable and shares your work ethic, so no more worrying about having someone available when you need them

  • Meets deadlines without fail, so you don’t have any last-minute stress

  • Not only increases results, but also is a pleasure to work with to get the project done


Your search is finally over!

What makes me different is I truly care about your business as much as you do.

So when I’m discussing your approach, or writing your copy, my heart is in it.

My heart also lies with my family. I'm the mom of two independent adult children (a son and a daughter).

Both are married and self sustaining!

I enjoy spending time with my super hero husband, our two wonderful granddaughters

and our dog, Nugget.

Finally, while I am totally serious about my writing, I have a sense of humor as you can see when my granddaughters thought I needed new glasses.


With over 25 years of professional administrative/sales experience, I'm the perfect copywriter for you.
I provide copy that builds trust and maintains a rapport with your customers. That means increased sales and repeat business for you.  In addition, I’m also flexible and easy to work with. I'll be your partner in determining a strategy to achieve your goals.


As a professional copywriter, I’m all about increasing sales and business for my clients.

I specialize in writing collateral materials, including emails, sales pages, and press releases.

I also write ebooks and  provide web critiques and copy edits.

I will take your rough notes and turn them into exactly what you want to say.

Copy Critique

Providing exceptional quality, money-grabbing emails just for you.

Specializing in B2B and B2C sales training and personal development industries, training programs, and all professional services.

Because of the various paths your eBook can take, we'll need to have a talk about exactly what you want. But you can rest assured, like Bob Bly  states below, you too will be satisfied with my work.

With more than 20 years of executive administrative assistant experience, I have a keen eye for copy errors and details.

Copy Edits

    If you don't see what you need, call or send a message and let's talk about it. 

Portfolio of Work

                                                                                                   There’s A New “Plastics” In Town… 
                                                                                                And Copywriters are Cashing in Fast!
                                                              How You Can Graduate To Living The Writer’s Life In Only 3 Months (Or Less)…
                                                                                                  No College Degree Required 

Greetings Friend.

“This is Benjamin.  He’s a little worried about his future.” is the tagline for one of my all-time favorite movies, “The Graduate”.
A classic that premiered in 1967, if you are not familiar or just need to refresh…Benjamin Braddock is the recently college graduated son of very proud, wealthy, Southern Californian suburbanite parents.  Upon his return, they throw him a huge welcome-home party for all their friends…not his.
Ben is by no means a social butterfly and feeling really uncomfortable, he heads to the pool to ponder his thoughts as he worries about his future. Now that he’s out of school, what’s he going to do?  How can he succeed quickly? 
And here, folks, is where the most memorable conversation of the movie takes place.  A friend of the family approaches Ben and it went like this:
Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you - just one word.
Ben: Yes sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Ben: Yes I am.
Mr. McGuire: 'Plastics.'
Ben: Exactly how do you mean?
Mr. McGuire: There's a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?
Ben: Yes I will.
Mr. McGuire: Shh! Enough said. That's a deal.
It’s kind of how you might be feeling now.   Like Ben, maybe you’re new to this life outside of what you already know.  You want to move on and have success.  But you worry about the quickest and easiest way to be a prosperous writer.  What should you do that will put you on the path to the Writer’s Life as fast as possible?
Imagine now – you’re the one standing out by the pool pondering your future.  I walk up to you, lean in close and whisper…
Me:  Let me say just one word to you – just one word.
You:  Yes, Katie.
Me:  Are you listening? 
You:  Yes. 
Me:  ‘Emails.’ 
You:  Exactly what do you mean, Katie?
Me:  Emails are the new “Plastics”.  And there’s a super lucrative future in writing emails.
         So, will you think about it? 
You:  Yes.
Me:  Ok.  Good.  Here’s the deal.
When “The Graduate” debuted, plastics, as we know it today, was really an unknown.  Remember, this would have been way before replacing paper bags with plastic at the grocery store.  In retrospect, who wouldn’t have wanted a piece of that action?
And so it is with emails. Think back when AOL first dinged with “You’ve Got Mail.”
Only those with your address were sending messages to your inbox.  Today, oh how that has changed!
                                                                                      Emails are flying into the inbox from everyone!
Let me ask you… how many emails do you receive on a daily (or should I say hourly) basis?  Emails come from little brick and mortar businesses wanting you to stop by for the “special of the day” to mid-size companies offering a discount coupon for their products or services.  Emails arrive also from the major corporations trying to win you over with a really exceptional offer so you buy from them instead of the other major competition, who, by the way, also has sent you an email!  It’s a fact.  Everyone is sending and receiving emails.
                                                                            Begin Living The Writer’s Life Sooner Rather Than Later
                                                                                                    Simply By Writing Emails

All excited and raring to go, new members join AWAI.  They’re seeking to make a change.  They want freedom. And just like you, they want to do what they want to do, when they want to do it.  After all, that’s the true meaning of what we refer to as—The Writer’s Life.  Right?
Then, probably like you too, they want it sooner rather than later.  In fact, NOW would be just great!  So the most asked question I get here at AWAI, is simply “What’s the fastest route to achieving that freedom and living the Writer’s Life?”
Without a doubt in my mind, the answer is—Learn to Write Emails!

And Here’s Exactly Why…

1.     Anyone can learn to write money making emails.  You already probably write 5-10 emails a day to people you know.  Since clients usually are willing to pay from $100-$250 per email, with just a few tweaks and secrets those same emails can easily turn into $500-$2500 a day in your pocket. Quick and Easy money to do what you want for sure.

2.     Less Time-Great Income.  Given a choice, people generally say they want to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible.  Well, here you are!  Writing an email can take up to about an hour. Some pros pump them out in as little as 15 – 20 minutes. And you will too, as you get better at it.  So, again, using the low side of $100 an email…only work 5 hours a day and earn $500. Then spend the rest of the day on the golf course, with your family or whatever you want to do. 

3.     Every company is sending emails.  Look at your own inbox.  How many emails are actually from your friends and family?  Not many, huh?  Well, this is good news!  All those other emails from groups, organizations and companies are keeping you and their customers connected with those emails.  This now is a huge part of their business.  And guess what?  Those emails have been written by copywriters.  There’s more work out there than you can even begin to imagine.  You will never want for work.  Talk about job security!

4.     And it’s FUN!  Writing emails allows you to use your imagination and be creative.  No two are the same -- so each day brings new and exciting topics to write about.  Since you will be writing them quickly, you complete your work in a short amount of time, collect your money, and then do what you would like to do.  How fun is that?

                                                                              Jay Opens Up About What Others Are Saying
Recently, I had an occasion to talk with Jay White, master of the autoresponder/email niche.  He told me that over the years, he has trained this skill to many people.  His students have said that his course, Email Copy Made Easy, was something they immediately felt they could actually do. 
He revealed the 5 main reasons people told him they chose to do this course. 

v  Regardless of their age, gender or education (no degree required), they felt comfortable with this writing niche.

v  It did not appear difficult and they actually thought they could do it!

v  This course seemed faster to get in to and yield quicker results. Many finish the course in less than the 3 month timeframe of the program

v  They loved the “short” copy aspect of this kind of writing.

v  And…it’s fun!

He also shared with me that he gets notes and emails from satisfied students all the time.
Here’s what a few had to say about Email Copy Made Easy.

  “Copy that blows their minds!”
“Talk about excited! Thanks to Jay,
I’ve already produced email copy for clients that blows their minds!”
                       ~Dot Pecson


“Jay can walk the walk.”
“Not all hot-hand writers can teach,
but Jay can walk the walk and talk/ teach too…
with enthusiasm, clarity and grace.”
                ~ Curtis Tuck

“Take your writing skills to the next level.”
“I’d recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve
their broadcast and autoresponder emails.  Even if you're already
an expert copywriter, Jay can take your email writing skills to the next level.”
             ~ Perry Droast

                                                                                    The Pros Also Like Jay’s Program
Not only does Jay WOW his students, he also is most impressive to other professional copywriters.  High praise comes from many, but here are just two samples of how respected he is in the copywriting world.

“He is a master!”
“Jay White is a specialist in writing the email autoresponder series, at which he is a master.
The reason most online marketers don’t use the autoresponder series more often is the cost and time required to produce it - there are simply too many other priorities (like writing your landing page or info product) that take precedence.
But any time you allow a visitor to register on a page without serving him an autoresponder series (and we all do it), you are leaving money on the table.
Now, with Jay’s formula, you can learn to write your own autoresponder emails, enabling you to increase conversions, upsells and cross-sells – for your own sites or your clients.”
               ~ Bob Bly
                “America’s Top Copywriter”

“Desperate for Writers”
 “{Email copy} is a lucrative niche that is desperate for the type of writers trained in your method.  Thanks for the excellent content, Jay – I am inspired!”
          ~ Julie Herckenrath
             Professional Copywriter
                                                                                  Jump On The “Email Copy Made Easy” Bus
                                                                        The Quickest and Easiest Route To Your Writer’s Life...
                                                                                Complete With a Packed Suitcase for the Trip!

This is where you and Ben Braddock split parallels.  During the movie, he continues to drift, be confused and distracted by his personal life. And in the end, he grabs the girl of his dreams, who, if you recall just got married, and together, they hop on a bus.  Where are they going?  We have no idea.  This is not the choice for you. 
The bus you are about to board comes with Jay White, master autoresponder/email copywriter, as the driver.  He absolutely knows where he’s going and wants to take you with him. 
                                                                  Deciding to jump on this bus will get you to the Writer’s Life in no time!
                                                                  Let’s look inside the suitcase and see what Jay has packed just for you.

Travel at your own speed.  While this course is formatted for only 90 days containing 12 modules, you can work at your own pace.  Step on the gas if you like and finish well ahead of that time frame.  It’s your choice.
Easy to Follow Step by Step directions.  From the time you begin until you finish the program, Jay explains his approach in a very easy to understand way.  You will not be confused or not know what to do next.
Examples, templates and resources galore! Also in the suitcase are tons of materials for your use.

o    Live swipe files –use anytime you need

o    His personal Resource Sheet and “Cheat” Sheet – life time staples for your success

o    Training Videos – All 13 “Over My Shoulder” videos lets you experience Jay at work in real time. Word selection – what approach to use – and other secrets are revealed.

o    Your very own library card to Jay’s private webinar library – A ton of extras and even how to land Paying clients immediately.

                                                                        “Email Copy Made Easy” Lifetime Bus Pass
Lifetime membership to hop on the bus any time you like.  Also included in your suitcase is this lifetime pass to any and all updates.  Bonuses, new material and the latest additions are all included helping you continue on your road to The Writer’s Life. 
You wanted to know how you can start earning the income that allows you to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Right?  Well, it’s Emails.  Emails are the new “Plastics” for sure.  If you missed the boat on plastics…be sure to jump on the bus for Email Copy Made Easy.
This program and everything already mentioned for that fast trip to your new copywriter life normally is $497.  This is actually less than you can expect to make in one day writing emails once you’re up and running.
However, we want everyone who wants this program to try it…
So, for the next 3 days, you can have everything listed here for only $248.50!  That’s only $20.70 per session.  This program is going to become priceless to you.  $20.70 is a steal!
                                                                                       < Insert Add To Cart Button>
I know sometimes things happen.  People do get distracted.  But keeping in mind, you want your Writer’s Life sooner rather than later…here is what I would suggest.
Buy the program. 
Even take the full 3 months to work through it. 
Then…take another 3 full months to get yourself up and running. 
THEN…and only then, if you find that you are not having the success you expected…We will refund every single dime you spent.  That’s how confident I am in this program and that it’ll work for you.
So, how about it?  Your bus pass is waiting and the suitcase is full.  Don’t ride around without direction like Ben and Elaine ended up in the movie.  Your bus has the direction you need.  Click below and start your trip today to the Writer’s Life you want. 
                                                                                         < Insert Add To Cart Button>
Here’s to your success!
Executive Director and Co-Managing Partner
P.S. I almost forgot to mention that I also am looking for people to write emails.  Check out the email Spec Challenges, pick one and submit.  I could very well be your first client, sending you a big check which would more than pay for your program! 
How amazing would that be!!
                                                                                           <Insert Add To Cart Button>

                                                                                            3 Steps To Becoming A Super Pickle…

Growing up, you probably learned somewhere along the way… ALL pickles are cucumbers, but not all cucumbers are pickles. Right?

Well, what I know about pickling cukes and turning them into delicious, mouthwatering, crunchy pickles, you could fit on the head of a straight pin.  Obviously, it goes without saying, only the very best cucumbers are selected. Getting thoroughly washed in an immaculately clean facility starts the process.

But, I also know for the total transformation to occur, these things are extremely important as well.

                     1.       During the fermentation period, cucumbers are entirely submerged in a brine solution (pickling salt, which may also contain other spices such as mustard seeds,                                cumin, or dill).

                     2.       When fermentation is complete (about 10-15 days or so, preferably in a 70-75 degree environment)…a soaking in fresh clean water removes all the salt.

                     3.       Placing the fermented cucumbers in an acidic vinegar storage solution is the final step and keeps the (now) pickles from spoiling.


So, Bob…what does pickling cucumbers have to do with me?  I’m very glad you asked!  Let me explain.

The same phrase could be applied to entrepreneurs and the self-employed.  ALL entrepreneurs are self-employed, but not all self-employed are entrepreneurs.  And like the cucumber/pickle analogy…only the best entrepreneurs come from a thorough washing in the immaculate facility of life.


Actually, 3 main things separate the self-employed from the entrepreneur. They are:

                 1.        The self-employed generally use a skill that becomes their business. (i.e. massage therapist, house cleaning, lawn care, window washer).The entrepreneur                                         initiates and implements an idea, hiring people to carry it out. An entrepreneur owns the company and is not the company.

                 2.       The self-employed have a simple goal of making enough money to take care of the family and perhaps a few extras. 

                           Whereas, the entrepreneur’s goals reach far and above just themselves.  They usually aspire to making millions, expanding their ideas and company.

                           Sometimes entrepreneurs might even include “giving back” as a part of their plan.

                3.       The self-employed generally stay the same throughout their career.  They work…they get paid.  They don’t work…they don’t make money.  However, the                                            entrepreneur keeps thinking and expanding their ideas, usually resulting in several income generating revenues.

As you can plainly see…All entrepreneurs are self-employed for sure.  But not all self-employed people are entrepreneurs.  So, how can you go from self-employed to being an entrepreneur? Or maybe you simply want to be a better self-employed person. The answer to turning a self-employed person (the cucumber, so to speak) into an entrepreneur (the pickle) or being better at self-employment, is the same in all cases.  When you hear it, you’re going to wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself.  Or maybe you have, but just didn’t know where to begin.


It is simply changing the paradigm of the person. You. This means that you need to make a shift in your thinking, what you do and how you go about doing these new things.   

Also, if the entrepreneur wants to do even better…they too, can achieve much greater results by changing their own patterns.


To take it a step further… (Now this is important, so read this line a few times over) quite frankly. Anyone, who wants other results in their life, can achieve this change…if they know what to do. If they learn to change their own paradigm.

It seems when someone, who is instructing another person to learn or achieve anything, says, “all you have to do is…” they are not coming from a place of the beginner. They’re looking at it from their own perspective as the expert.  That really annoys me when I have to learn something.Needless to say, this can be most frustrating for the novice. Someone needing a step by step explanation of what it takes for change or shifts to happen, can’t do it with a simple “all you have to do is…”

I’ve spent the better part of my career helping people form and change the model they currently live by.  It’s a very in depth process.  One that needs detailed instruction and understanding.  And, let’s not forget…work. 

You too, have to be a willing sponge.  Sopping up as much new knowledge as you possibly can absorb. This is the vital beginning step towards your change.  Once you get the instruction, you must then implement it in your own life…applying it where it fits.  As I’ve always said, “Life can be phenomenal. But we have to make it that way…it isn’t going to happen by accident.”

Come and learn, like many others, how to change the trajectory of your life.  Each program we offer goes through the step by step process of instruction.  There is no,”all you have to do is…”

If you consider yourself just a cucumber…immerse yourself in the “pickling process” of life.  You can be the next Super Pickle!

Go here to learn more about our upcoming programs:

(Insert link)

Believe the best is yet to come…and it will!

Here’s to your success.



Bob Bly

"Penny Hunt is a first-rate content writer. I am extremely satisfied with the ebook I hired her to write for my internet marketing business."

David Long

“Wow!  That's just really good. I've given these articles to 8 writers before you - some of them big names. This is the first time I've got them back exactly what I need.”

Jay White

Get Copywriting Clients

“In all seriousness, Penny is one of my former coaching students who writes some killer emails. You will not be disappointed.”

Sheryl Marseilles

“I had the good fortune of finding Penny just when I needed the creative, persuasive writing that only a skilled copywriter can provide.  She took what I was trying to write and voila’, wrote beautiful copy.  I have used her for two projects and have no doubt she will be guiding me in the future”

Let's Work Together

Please send a message if you have any questions or if I can help you with your project in any way.

Coatesville, PA 19320

​Tel: 610-922-8982 Phone hours: M-F 9-6

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Portfolio of Work

Your rough notes turned into fluent realistic and organic copy. Specializing in: web content, training, seminar/program materials or proofreading and correcting copy

 Subject:  Why Breaking Your Corn On The Cob In Half Is Pointless….


Dear <Insert FirstName>


Dave here from My Pocket Money.  I gotta say, I’m just scratching my head and very confused. The reason is so important, I wanted you to know why.


Years ago, when my mom and dad were first married, she didn’t know much about cooking other than what she observed watching her mom.   She muddled along trying to remember her mother’s methods and recipes.  Summer arrived and it was time for corn on the cob.


Remembering what her mom did, she got out her new wedding gift big pot, shucked the ears and cleaned the silk.  Breaking the ears in half, she pitched them in the boiling water. 10 minutes later...Viola’—Corn on the Cob!


My dad, having rather large hands, noticed immediately the tiny little ears of corn.  They tasted super, but were impossible to hold. He was losing them in his big hands!  Curiosity got the best of him. He asked why she broke them all in half.  She simply replied, “Because, that’s the way my mom makes corn on the cob.”


When further investigated, my grandmother stated she didn’t own a large pot. She had to break the corn so it would fit in the little pot she had!  She did confirm, corn definitely would taste equally good if cooked whole!


Isn’t that kind of like many of the things we do in our lives?  Think of all you do without questioning just because that’s the way it’s always been done. 


Getting up, going to work, paying bills is an example.  It’s a cycle that’s definitely repeated.  But it can change.  You don’t have to pass that along to your children.  Yet, given the opportunity to provide a way for your child not to be stuck in this life cycle, you’ve chosen not to take that step.   That confuses me.


Imagine your child as an adult actually enjoying life.  Looking forward each day to getting up and doing work they’re passionate about and love.  Since they can do this work from home, they can be around their family much more. They’ll be able to take those yearly vacations without scrimping and saving to make it happen.  Wouldn’t you rather pass that legacy along?


Well, the good news is…you can. 


<Insert link to sign up page>

My Pocket Money starts your kid now on the path to a much better life.  It’s a very simple step by step program geared to their learning speed.  Initially, it gives them the pocket change to buy things for themselves while teaching them how to use money and make good buying decisions.  And, it ejects them from the “Get up, go to work, pay the bills” lifestyle (I would guess) you hate.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been emailing you pointing out the reasons your child is going to love this.  What they will gain from owning their personal source of income and having their own extra money for spending.  Also, why they’ll succeed since they already possess the skills needed.  But most importantly, it breaks the cycle.  It puts them on a path to a much happier life style.  Surely, as a parent, this is what you want for them, right?


It can all change just by one click.

<Insert link to sign up page>


<Insert First Name>, the time to decide is now.  This program is worth so much more than the current offers I have in place.  You really need to stop breaking your corn in half to cook it and jump on this. Order now to immediately remove your kid from the status quo.  You have the power to start the change and make a difference. 


Are you going to do it?

<Insert link to sign up page>


With your child’s life success in mind.




P.S Remember, you have two choices.  The 60 day money back guarantee for only $97.00 for the complete program plus all the bonuses… or the 7 day for $7.00 trial.  Either way, your child wins.


How can you not take advantage of this for your kid?

<Insert link to sign up page>

Copywriter's Problem Solver

COPYWRITER'S PROBLEM SOLVER: The 62 Most Common Problems Copywriters Face --

And One Good Answer To Each


This is THE eBook Every Copywriter Needs

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